Discover the water adventure hided by your pool, splash a big. Our Androméda pool covering provides a good possibility for it, as its inner height allows free movement out of the pool too. There is no more reason to postpone the week-end pool party because of coolly and rainy weather

Features of the implementation:

  • Special aluminium profile system with high strength and eloxidated surface
  • Completely plain, walk-able 18 mm rail-path
  • 10mm thick, single-cell, water-clear polycarbonate sheet, with UV protection on both sides, or 4 mm thick compact SAN sheet glasses
  • The parts can be moved to any direction, and can be fixed by automated positioning elements.
  • Possibility to connect the structural units of the building.


Width: 4.0 – 7.50 m
Height: 1.95(1.1) –2.60 m

Reference pictures: