The quality-policy of the Alfapool Ltd.
The basis of the Alfapool Commercial and Service Ltd.’s quality control system is determined by the presented quality-policy. It contains the intentions and directions drafted and stated by the management concerning the production and installation quality of the terrace- and swimming-pool coverings.

The checking, controlling, ensuring and directing of the expected quality is the task and responsibility of the management. Our colleagues’ commitment to the quality is certified by their guide and conscious role undertaken in the direction of the quality-improving activities.

All of our employees and colleagues accept the company’s quality-policy, know the basic aim, structure and implementation-methods of the quality-control system and the expectations defined by the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard.

We drive our collaborators, subcontractors, suppliers being conscious of our expectations, that on their fields they have to do their bests for following the technologic and servicing procedures to ensure the high-class and -quality products and services according to the customers’ requirements.

The company’s quality-control system is under continuous development. During this process we take into consideration the feedback of our customers, and the legal and general international requirements too. We develop our company and quality-control system by determination the quality aims and connecting quality plans, and by their regular supervision.

For achieving the required quality we continuously ensure the professional development possibility to our collaborators.

We help our customers in planning, surveying their requirements, necessities and ideas, and in selecting the best solutions.

We intend to fulfil the needs defined and expected by our customers on high quality level.