The Pool cover is more than an elegant garden element, which is protecting your swimming pool from flying dust, leaf and any kind of contamination and is protecting your children, pets from falling into water. Other advantage is that the pool cover reduces the risk of loss the heat of the pool and reduces also the evaporation.

How affects the pool cover the water temperature of the swimming pool?

  • The polycarbonate plates are behaving like a greenhouse. When it’s shining then it allows the sun-ray to get into the covered area, but also on cloudy days the diffused sun-rays can hot up the air under the cover. At night, or on colder days it protects the inner airspace to get loss of heat.
  • At the beginning of the bathing season the direct sun-ray can lift up the unheated pool water up to 2°C daily.
  • When there is no direct sunshine but the heaven is clear, the diffused sun-rays heats up the water also.
  • The transpiration of water gets to loss of heat. If for example the difference of heat between water and the ambience is about 3°C, than the loss of water from a 32m3 swimming pool will be about 40 liters, and when you have a 80m3 swimming pool the loss of water will be about 100 liter daily. The pool covering reduces significantly the loss of water because it locks the inner space and the water surface from the ambience outside.
  • Another effective way to hinder the transpiration is to place on the water surface a special solar foil (made from UV protected material, which can swim on the water surface). Unfortunately the drawback of this method is that the dust and dirt can be sit on the surface of the solar foil so it can be easily washed into the water of the pool. But you can use the solar foil also under the pool cover so the loss of heat and evaporation can be reduced more efficiently.
  • When the inner space of the pool cover warms up extremely just pull down the segments, so you can swim in an open-air pool.


  • We are designing our pool covers in mind of individually needs. Before we begin with the construction we discuss all points with the user at their home. This surveying is free of charge.

Moving the segments

  • The whole pool covers is set-up from more segments which you can move on a special rail system. To move a segment it’s advisable that two persons (on all sides one person) are doing this job, because (especially by larger covers) if you move the segment only from one side, the segment could be hang up somewhere.

Resistance against environment relation

  • The construction is protected against normal open-air conditions like moisture, sunshine, rain/snow, low or high temperature (from -50°C up to +115°C) and is protected against inner environments (higher humidity, the presence of chemical elements in water and air). But the pool cover must be protected from open fire, from very high temperature, acids or reactive fluids (especially with higher concentration), because those elements could be injure the polycarbonate panels. Also the pool cover must be protected against strong mechanical impact because this can strain the construction, which can restrict the functionality of the pool cover.

Maintenance of the pool cover

  • The surface of the polycarbonate elements should be cleaned regularly from dust and other dirt. Mostly it’s enough to wash away the dirt with a hose, but if it doesn’t help, than first flush it with clear water, then you can clean it with a soft clout. Pay attention that you should keep clear the used clout (it should be free of sand, gravel and other dirt, because they can scratch the surface of the polycarbonate panel) and you should change frequently the water you are using.
  • If possible than please don’t use cleaning paste, because they can cause small scratches on the surface of the polycarbonate. Never use petrol, acetone or similar chemicals, because they can mill the materials of the pool cover. If the surface is hot than wait until it will colder before you begin with the cleaning.
  • The construction is protected against corrosion, so there is no need to use other special cleaning materials than the clear water. Only the moving elements – like hinge, door-lock, the rolls of the segments – should be regularly checked, and if needed oil these parts.

Protecting the pool cover against strong winds

  • Before a storm the pool cover should be closed (fully covered the swimming pool), also all doors, openings should be closed, and lock the end walls. So in that case the strong wind cannot pick up the pool cover.

Protections against snow

In the winter never let the snow accumulate to a thick layer. A 10 cm thick snow could have a weight of 100 kg in a square meter. Especially take care of the larger, wider or flat size pool covers, because a thicker snow layer can easily push in or deform the segments. On those places where at winter a lot of snow is falling you should telescope the segments and pull it on the side, so you can protect it from the snow.