The pool covers which are designed by ourselves is set up from segments, which can be pushed easily together. The structural elements was chosen in the mind that they should be strong as possible and it have to be durable, but it should not obstruct the lookout from the inside.

Telescopic slider segments

For our pool cover systems we are using special aluminum elements which are produced by a Swedish company named SAPA Group (near Sweden this company has seats in Poland and Slovakia). We designed the special aluminum profiles for durability, massy, but it should keep from the eyes the most fixing elements. The rail system which is under the pool cover is very flat, all of the corners are rounded, so it does not hurt or disturb the foot when someone steps on it.


  • The segments of the pool cover can be moved on both way, so if needed the segments could be pushed on one end of the pool like a telescope. The benefit of this method is that if the weather goes bad you can close your swimming pool with the pool cover, but when its warm and sunny, you can easily open it.
  • The entrance of the pool cover can be a door which is on the end walls, or placed a sliding door on the side of the pool cover.
  • If on one side of the pool there is an instrument (like hydrojet, ladder, etc.) which could hold up the moving of the pool cover, than it’s possible to fit a lift up door on that end wall, so before your move the segments, just lift up this door and the segment slides easily over this obstructive element.